The Hospice at May Court The Hospice at May Court


6th August 2004

We have some good news to announce.

We have received official word that Ottawa CCAC has been given the green light to extend our funding arrangement with them until March 31, 2005.

This means that we have bought some time to continue working with the Hospice Association of Ontario to secure permanent ongoing funding for Community Residential Hospice Care programs like ours. Ottawa CCAC is also committed to working collaboratively with us to find a solution to the funding problem.

Thank you to all who have helped us get to this point. Although our work in many ways is just beginning, the many letters of support sent to the Minister of Health and MPP's has had a great impact and has helped us to raise awareness about the need for community based Hospice and the end-of-life care program that we have.

The Hospice Board task group will continue to work to move this forward and we'll keep you informed.

Your support is a wonderful endorsement of the community spirit that is the essence of Hospice. Even with the financial involvement of the CCAC the Hospice must raise an additional $823,000 from the community in order to continue providing its programs to patients and their families. In September we will have our annual fundraising campaign. You will receive a letter asking for your financial support. We hope that you will consider making a financial investment in the future of The Hospice at May Court at that time.